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Lost or Found a Pet?

Have you lost your pet or found a pet?

Petco Love Lost can help bring them home.

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter is proud to partner with Petco Love – formerly known as the Petco Love Foundation, a national non-profit working to lead and inspire change for animals, on a shared mission to help reunite lost pets with their families should they ever go missing. Petco Love Lost is a new, searchable national database that uses patented facial recognition technology to find lost pets quicker and easier. 

If you have lost your pet – You can use this free resource to enter photos of your missing pet and search the national lost and found pet database system to find them.

If you have found a pet – You can post photos of the animal in the database to help reunite the pet with their owner

Click here for additional resources to help lost pets in your community and reunite them with their families!

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter receives stray animals almost daily. We keep a list of these pets, and if you are missing a pet, start by taking a look at our recent intakes to see if your pet is at the shelter.

If you are missing your pet, please fill out and submit the lost report. We will keep your form for 30 days and contact you right away if your pet comes in.

We also post stray animals on our Facebook page "Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter"

Please note that your pet might be put up for adoption if he/she has been missing for over a week. Check our Adoptable Pets page to check if your pet is up for adoption.

Fill out and submit a found pet report to let us know.  We will get ahold of you when the owners come forward.

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