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According to the ASPCA, nationally less than two percent of stray cats and only 15-20% of stray dogs at animal shelters are reclaimed by their owners.  Of those animals that were reclaimed by their owners, many were micro-chipped or were wearing an ID tag, enabling the shelter to contact the owner. Follow these simple steps to begin your search. 


Check at your local animal shelter

If it is after hours, leave a message but make sure to come out and look as soon as the shelter opens.  If your animal is not at the shelter, we will have you fill out a lost report. Please bring a photo of your lost pet with you as well!  We recommend that you check our shelter at least every other day as we often have several animals brought to us every day.  We try our best to help owners find their lost pets, but owners are the best at identifying their own animals.  If you find your pet, please call us at (641) 673-3991.


Contact Local Vet Clinics

Injured animals are often found and taken immediately to the nearest vet clinic.  When the SMAS receives injured animals, the animal is typically taken to either the Mahaska Veterinary Clinic, Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa, or Oskaloosa Small Animal Veterinary Clinic. Mahaska Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (641) 673-0431, Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa can be reached at (641) 673-5525, and Oskaloosa Small Animal Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (641) 676-7387


Make Posters

Displaying posters around the area where you lost your pet is a great way to find your missing friend.  Make sure to use bold letters that can be by drivers, also include the type and breed of animal, whether it is a male or female, an adult or baby, and a name and number where you can always be reached.  Often, offering a small reward, like $10 is a great way to get every neighborhood child on the lookout.  Also, have a picture of the lost pet on your poster.  Bring your lost pet poster to local veterinary offices and to the shelter.


Contact local media outlets

KBOE radio will often make on-air announcements of missing pets free of charge. KBOE can be reached by calling (641) 673-3493

The Oskaloosa Herald will also run lost/found pet ads for a small fee.


Use Social Media

Taking advantage of online social media networks is also a great way to spread the word about a lost pet. Owners looking for their pets can also post on the SMAS's Facebook wall to advertise a lost pet.

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