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While SMAS does accept surrendered animals, we strongly recommend that you consider alternative options before surrendering your pet. Below are the top reasons why owners surrender their pets and links to helpful information that may help you keep your pet at home with you.


Shelter life can be stressful for pets and those pets who have a difficult time acclimating to the shelter may become depressed and withdrawn, greatly decreasing their chances of adoption. We work very hard to make the transition into shelter life as easy as possible on the animals we take in, but the best place for a pet is always in it's home. If you need to re-home your pet, why not try personally finding a new home for your pet first? Check out these great tips on how to find your pet a safe, loving, new home Personally Re-homing Your Pet


If none of the above information mentioned above is helpful, SMAS is available to help you find a responsible, caring new home for your pet. Because we are an open-door shelter that takes in strays from all of Mahaska county, we ask that you please call at least two weeks in advance to arrange a date to surrender your animal. This way, we can have a cage reserved to garauntee there will be space for your pet.


When you arrive at the shelter to surrender your pet, we will have you fill out a thorough surrender form in order to provide us with as much information about your pet as possible so as to find the best fit adoptive family. Because it is very expensive to provide the animals with proper care, owners must pay a fee to surrender their animal. 


For more information on surrendering your pet, please Contact Us.

*Please note that when a pet is surrendered to the SMAS, the animal becomes the property of SMAS. If the owner decides later that they want their animal back in their home, the owner will have to follow adoption procedures. It is not a guarantee that the owner will be able to adopt their animal back. Therefore, it is essential that you are absolutely sure about your decision to surrender a pet.*

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