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Year-to-date live release rate: 93%

2016 Year-To-date statistics

December 2016 Live Release Rate: 97%

December 2016 statistics

smas animal statistics

In a nutshell, Live Release Rate (LRR) refers to the number of animals that leave the shelter alive in a given amount of time. Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing total live outcomes (adoptions, outgoing transfers, return to owner/guardian) by total outcomes (total live outcomes plus euthanasia not including owner/guardian requested euthanasia which were Unhealthy & Untreatable or died/lost in shelter/care). 

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What is live release rate (lrr)?

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The numbers tell it all! We here at the SMAS are very proud of our efforts to make sure every animal in our care gets a fair chance at adoption, and our animal statistics are a great reflection of these efforts. The SMAS tracks animal statistics using the standardized methods developed out of the Asilomar Accords, a national meeting of animal welfare leaders whose goal was to develop a way for all animal welfare organizations across the nation to report their animal statistics in a uniform way regardless of varying philosophies. By employing a uniform method of reporting and analyzing animal statistics, the Asilomar Accords help animal welfare organizations develop relationships with each other and create goals focused on significantly reducing the euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals in the United States.