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Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa

1015 A Ave W, Oskaloosa  (641) 673-5525  Website

Mahaska Veterinary Clinic

2348 Hwy 92, Oskaloosa (641) 673-0431  Website

Oskaloosa Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

301 A Ave W, Oskaloosa (641) 676-7387  Website

Boarding and Grooming

Angie's Pet Grooming

3120 Quail Ave, Oskaloosa (641) ​673-2374

Oskaloosa Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

301 A Ave W., Oskaloosa (641) 676-7387  Website

Shadowland Kennels- Obedience and Boarding

2501 Galeston Ave, Oskaloosa IA (641) 673-5491   Website

Whitney's Wags to Whiskers

416 K Ave E, Oskaloosa (641) 660-7609 Facebook Page

Obedience Training

Shadowland Kennels- Obedience and Boarding

2501 Galeston Ave, Oskaloosa (641) 673-5491  Website

H&S Feed and Country Store

​416 Hwy 432, Oskaloosa (641) 673-7918 Website

Pet Supplies

​H&S Feed and Country Store

416 Hwy 432, Oskaloosa (641) 673-7918 Website



One of the most common reasons why pets are surrendered to animal shelters is due to behavior problems that the owner is not equipped to handle. Before making the decision to rehome your pet, please browse through the ASPCA's library of dog and cat behavior information sheets to get helpful advice on how to remedy your dog or cat's problem behavior. 


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Many people make the decision to declaw their cats. We encourage you to review the following website and to do some research of your own before taking your cat to the vet.

With e-cigarettes becoming more popular, There are certain precautions pet owners who use them should take to keep pets safe around these devices, learn more by clicking below!

House plants are a very popular part of home decor but many pet owners aren't aware that some common plants can be toxic to their pets! To make sure you are providing a safe home for your pets click below!

The Oskaloosa "Bark Park" is now open! Dog parks are a great way to socialize your dog and give him the exercise he needs, but there are a few guidelines you need to follow to make sure you and your dog are using the park safely and responsibly. Click below to view the Oskaloosa Bark Park's rules and guidelines

1716 Pella Ave., Oskaloosa, IA 52577

(641) 673-3991