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re-claim fees


claiming your lost pet

If your pet is at the shelter, you may come claim them any time during business hours. All stray animals are held for a mandatory seven (7) day stray-holding period to give owners a chance to claim their pet. Please understand that if you do not claim your pet within 7 days, it will be put up for adoption! Therefore, it is very important that pet owners call their local animal shelter immediately after their pet goes missing! 

The SMAS will not be held responsible for owned stray animals being adopted into new homes because the previous owner failed to put identification on their pet and/or did not call the shelter to report their pet missing!!

If your pet is at the shelter, you must claim your pet or make arrangements to surrender your pet to the SMAS and pay applicable boarding/owner surrender fees. Failure to do so is considered animal abandonment and is punishable by law! 

Owner re-claim fees are determined based on the number of times the animal has come to the shelter as a stray previously, the number of days the animal was at the shelter before being claimed, and whether the animal was brought to the shelter by a member of the public or had to be transported to the shelter by animal control.